Whether you are a beginner or a pro, 9 or 90, walker or runner, you will find a course to suit your level of participation! Our events are for all ages and will take you through some of the most stunning scenery offered on the Coromandel. Below is a brief outline of the events you can enter. All courses start at Tairua School.


This course is designed for everyone! You can walk, jog or sprint! It is flat the entire way so there really is no excuse not to enter at least this distance! Kids can be in prams or on a bike. We also encourage you to get a group together and dress up, there will be a prize for the best dressed team!

Like all courses you will leave from the start line at Tairua School. You will head down Petley Parade, past the wharf & Tairua fishing club; hug the coastline, turn right onto Pepe Bridge, past the Playground and along the estuary. You will turn right at the end of the reserve onto Manaia Road, it is here you will see the 2.5km mark / drink station where you will turn around and go back exactly the same way you came.

Registration Costs for the 5km Event

Before September 30th - $10 per person

Before October 31st - $15 per person

November 1st - 9th - $20 per person


From the start line at Tairua School you will make your along Petley Parade, down past the Wharf & fishing club and along the estuary to the Pepe bridge.

Heading across the bridge, and past the park you will follow the estuary edge until the end of the reserve. Turn right on Manaia Road across the causeway bridge and then you reach a drink station and the 5km turn around... you will then head up the reserve towards the surf club carpark. Cross carefully where the marshal is situated and run alongside the road; left onto Hemi Place and up the walkway onto the beach.


Find the stairs at the end of the beach and head up them and follow markings - at the top turn left onto Oceania Heights, right onto Fantail and then onto the track the end. This meets with Pacific Drive. Turn right onto Paku drive and up to Tirinui where you will turn right again. Head to the end and up the gravel. At the top of the gravel turn left to go down the stairs. Turn left again and back down Paku Drive, turn right at the marshal - past the park and down Paku Drive to Tairua Terrace where you will turn left. Head past the first set of stairs and nearly to the end, turn right down onto a set of stairs and at the bottom head right back towards the Marina. You will pass another drink station, go through the Marina, along Paku Drive and back along the edge of the estuary, make your way back through the drink station at the 5km turnaround and follow the estuary line along there reserve, past the park, over the bridge, along Bayview Terrace, past the wharf and back up the slight rise towards the finish line

Registration Costs for the 10km Event

Before September 30th - $30 per person

Before October 31st - $35 per person

November 1st - 9th - $40 per person


This is for all of you amazing humans running or walking the long one.

This is a very long-winded step by step guide to where the course goes. Please don't let it overwhelm you, I have been asked by a number of people to 'spell it out'. There will be 'pink' markers the entire way, as well as amazing marshals pointing you in the right direction.

- From the start line you will head down Petley Parade, past the wharf and along the waterfront until you get to the road crossing the Main Rd BEFORE the bridge. Cross the road as directed by the marshal, you must stop for cars, the road will not be closed.

- Run along Pepe Road until the corner of Gallagher Drive where you will see a marshal who will help you cross safely.

- Head up Gallagher Drive until you see the marshals and water station on the right hand side corner of Windsor – cross carefully here.

- Head up Windsor Drive to the very top – and follow markers to the left onto Hinemoa. Run to the end of the road to the next marshal.

- Here you will enter the bush - where you will reach the top of the first peak, you will run past the lookout as far as you can do before descending towards Red Bridge Road.

- Turn left at the bottom and head back up the hill, turning right at the top (you will be on the same track you entered the bush on).

- Head back down Hinemoa, right onto Windsor (drink station at the bottom), left onto Gallagher, left onto Pepe Road towards the Pepe Loop.

- Around the Pepe Loop towards the bridge and then across the road by the Pepe playground, you will run along the estuary until the end of the reserve. Here you will cross the road and turn left heading towards Hornsea, where you will turn right.

-Turn right when you get to Cory-Wright Drive, run to the end of Cory-Wright Drive and then right onto the Main Road.

- Heading towards the Northern end of town you will go through the gate and across the stop-bank onto Ocean Beach Road.

- Make your way along Ocean beach Rd to Paku Drive, go onto the grass and head towards the water station.

- Cross the road carefully and onto Hemi Place, onto the beach and up Oceania Stairs.

- Left onto Oceania Heights and right onto Fantail.


- Through the walk way onto Pacific Drive.

- Right onto Paku Drive.

- Right on to Tirinui Cresent to the end.

- Head up the gravel driveway and Left down the stairs (you will not go all the way to the summit!)

- Turn left at the bottom of the stairs onto Paku Drive – turning right at the marshal - down the hill - past the playground.

- Head down the hill to Tairua Terrace and then run along Tairua Terrace to the very end.

- Turn right to head down the stairs and back towards the end of the Esplanade (and another drink station).

- Run down the esplanade, through the Marina, hug the water line back along Paku Drive, past the surf club, over the causeway bridge and along the estuary , over the Pepe Bridge, down the path by the hall, past the Wharf and back towards the school/ finish line.

Registration Costs for the 21km Event

Before September 30th - $50 per person

Before October 31st - $55 per person

November 1st - 9th - $60 per person